How To Use The Facebook Pixel

Liking. Tweeting. Instagramming. If you had used these words 10 years ago, people would’ve probably tried to have you committed. Since the invention of social media, these words have become a part of the American lexicon. And Facebook is the kingpin. With over 2... read more

Top Tech Tax Apps For Last Minute Filings

 As the April 18th tax filing deadline quickly approaches, many of us are starting to scramble, looking for ways to get their taxes filed in a hurry, and *hopefully* in the least painful way possible. Or maybe that’s just me? Well, today we bring you good news... read more

How To Demonstrate Anything in a Quick Video

Demonstration Video The demonstration can be vital to making a connection between your product or service and a potential customer. The ideal video for you will, of course, depend greatly on the product you are selling. There are two main directions you will want to... read more

Using Analytics to Create a Content Strategy

We recently wrapped up our quarterly analytics and content planning meetings with our Marketing Machine clients, and it has me thinking… do we really understand how content and analytics are connected? Of course, we know that all strategy should be based off the... read more

Keeping Your Design Consistent

Each and every design has certain duties. Whether it’s on the web or a part of traditional marketing, each piece needs to capture attention and send a message. Now, the ways in which you can do this are abundant. There really aren’t any rules when it comes to... read more

Video Trends: 360 v. Virtual Reality

360 and VR video are the latest in online video content. In case you haven’t yet stumbled upon one of these videos on Facebook or elsewhere online, these are user interactive videos which allow you to turn the camera 360 degrees in real time. VR has the added... read more

What Good is Social Media for Business?

What Good is Social Media for Business? To many, social media is a necessary evil. They know that in order to be considered legitimate, you need to have at least one profile and a couple followers. But why? What are you and your company getting out of this random... read more

Birds Eye View: Drone Video Tips

Birds Eye View Drones are quickly becoming an applicable tool in videography.The birds eye view that drones are capable of is an invaluable tool in any videographers toolkit. Camera rigged drones possess an agility that is unmatched by any other practical rigs. The... read more

5 Must Haves to Build a SEO Marketing Strategy

So you’ve finished your website and now it’s time to go live. What’s the best way to make sure your audience or customer base can find your website? Simply put, SEO blogs—Search Engine Optimization—are the most cost effective way to build your website’s visibility.... read more