4 Things the Best Video Blogs Have in Common

YouTube is very much in the Video Blogging business right now. While supporting pretty much any kind of video, their model is really based around the monetized video blogger channel. That’s what brings in the money. This is what makes YouTube’s rules for best... read more

5 Digital Marketer Tips to Writing a Rockstar Resume

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How To Use The Facebook Pixel

Liking. Tweeting. Instagramming. If you had used these words 10 years ago, people would’ve probably tried to have you committed. Since the invention of social media, these words have become a part of the American lexicon. And Facebook is the kingpin. With over 2... read more

Top Tech Tax Apps For Last Minute Filings

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How To Demonstrate Anything in a Quick Video

Demonstration Video The demonstration can be vital to making a connection between your product or service and a potential customer. The ideal video for you will, of course, depend greatly on the product you are selling. There are two main directions you will want to... read more