What Good is Social Media for Business?

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Branding, Getting the Word Out, Marketing Machine

What Good is Social Media for Business?

To many, social media is a necessary evil. They know that in order to be considered legitimate, you need to have at least one profile and a couple followers. But why? What are you and your company getting out of this random webpage?

Search Engine Optimization:

Man, does the internet love the internet. Using social media adds to the crazy cycle that is SEO. Your webpages’ viewership is exponentially expanded as your business name and URL appears on more sites. The more you are found on the internet, the more search engines will pick you up, the more you’ll be found, and so on…

Brand Awareness:

Current and potential customers are able to follow you on social media. That means they will receive news from you at least a couple times a week. They will be exposed to your brand, products, campaigns and more. Even if they decide not to engage, they will still have you at the top of their mind the next time they need to make a purchase.

Customer Relations:

Who’s saying what about your business or your industry? Social media is the perfect platform for communicating with your followers and discovering exactly what they want. You can also use #hashtag searches to see what trends are happening in your industry and how your competition is communicating online. Reviewing social analytics gives insight on who is actually following you and how you can better speak to that audience.

Campaign Management:

Social media platforms are making it increasingly easier to target the exact audience that you want for your brand. Using paid advertising, whether it’s for a specific campaign or simply gaining social followers, allows you to reach out to specific demographics. You can target individuals using social media demographics such as pages they have “liked,” or traditional demographics, including; age, gender, location, values, and even average income. Social campaigns are easy to manage and effective. You can even directly link them to a landing page to track 100% of your engagement and ROI.


Using social media isn’t all about your audience, it also connects you with your industry. By following and tagging news in your industry, you are contributing to that conversation. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get a follow or a tag back from them! Expanding your network can only increase your credibility and teach you best practices for that field.


In today’s age, job applicants aren’t only looking at your website and your products to know if they want to work for you. Social media is the perfect opportunity to show this audience what it is about your company that makes it a great place to work. Use photos of your day-to-day, or highlight any special celebrations you may have! Potential employees want to see that you are a credible and exciting company with opportunity.

Rachel Distler

Rachel Distler

Digital Marketing Account Manage at Orbit Design
Rachel is the digital marketing manager at Orbit and handles our Marketing Machine program. She is eager to answer any of your questions regarding social media, blogging, SEO and web content. Originally from Vermont, she has a passion for small business and community involvement. She is a craft beer enthusiast and classic movie addict.
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