Holiday Trigger Email Campaigns That Will Convert Into Sales

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Holiday Trigger Email Campaigns Convert Into Sales


Happy holidays! Black Friday is just around the corner, and with it comes Cyber Monday — the online holiday shopping frenzy that has big retailers sending out email blasts every hour. Although inboxes can be harder to compete with these days, your small business can definitely keep up! Use the following tips to send effective campaigns that are going to help you trigger sales this holiday season:


Segment Your Campaigns

Creating a subscriber list is the first step, but it’s certainly not the last. Your customers are not all the same, so it makes sense to target your emails based on the different demographics and locations they represent. Get as specific and nichey as possible. If you don’t cater different emails to different demographics, it might not really resonate. For example, separate your audience based on age, likes, location, etc. Sending out an email blast to someone on the East Coast at 9 PM MDT isn’t really optimal. East Coasters won’t see this hit their inbox until 11 PM when many people are already sleeping. On average, emails in segmented campaigns are opened 14 percent more than in non-segmented campaigns, so the benefit to your business is huge. Orbit Design’s Marketing Machine Team offers segmented email marketing campaigns to help you get started.


Personalize It

How many emails do you receive each day? If you’re like me, probably a lot. Boilerplate newsletters tend to earn only a passing glance (if you’re lucky), which is why it’s important to personalize your email blasts as much as possible. It can be as simple as adding the customer’s name to your opening line — which can be done easily with most email marketing platforms. Or, you can take it one step further by suggesting items your customer might like based on things they’ve previously bought. That small personal touch goes a long way. Make sure that they feel as though you are directly speaking to them and know them on a personal level. Only serve up the things that are going to appeal to them and make them feel special.


Create an Attention Grabbing Subject Line

Remember that the subject line in an email is the first impression that your client has about the content within the email. If it’s not something that resonates with them or that really grabs their attention, it’s most likely going in the trash without a second thought. Try using provocative or emotion evoking subject lines for a better open rate. It is important to really nail the subject line, so feel free to brainstorm and write down multiple ideas. Once they are all out in front of you, go through each option and see which one might best captivate your audience.


Get in the Holiday Spirit

Shopping for loved ones this time of year can be a real chore, especially for those distant relatives you may only see once a year. Make it easier for your customers with a curated gift guide showcasing all of your best products. It’s a great way to plant the idea in potential buyers’ heads and provide them with a direct link to buy, driving sales at the same time. Another great way to use email campaigns during the holidays is to offer special promotions and discounts for subscribers. You may not be able to offer the same Black Friday level discounts that Nordstrom does, but customers will still perk their ears up for special deals. Remind them that the sales and offers are limited, too, and they’ll be more motivated to buy. Creating a sense of urgency is key.

For some businesses, the holiday season feels like a fight to be seen over the competition. In the race to reach customers, these email marketing strategies will help you cross the finish line with the best possible outcome — actual sales.

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