We get it. Whether you’re fresh out of college with a marketing degree, or a seasoned digital marketing guru, the job market is competitive. In a world where jobs (especially in the marketing industry) are few and far between, it is essential that your resume stands out. I know, you’ve probably heard it a million times, but it really is true: your resume is your first impression, and it is important to make yourself unforgettable to employers. Although you might have years of experience and can knock website design or social media marketing out of the park, a below average resume could put you in the no-go pile. Here are the 5 things you have to think about and include when writing a rockstar resume:

1. Use your resume as a marketing tool
Yup, you heard that right. While a resume is meant to highlight your qualifications and your skill sets, it is also a way to sell your personal brand. Similar to a business brand, your resume should tell your professional story. It should showcase what homeruns you’ve hit for previous employers, and list what positive impacts you’ll make at the current company you’re interviewing with. In all honesty, recruiters and human resource professionals don’t have the time (or desire) to really dive into your resume, so it is important that your resume is a cut and dry marketing tactic that sells yourself as the perfect candidate for the job.

2. Proofread, proofread, proofread
As a digital marketer, it is imperative that your resume is grammatically flawless. Part of your job is creating readable, engaging content, and if your resume has a misspelled word or a run on sentence, the chances of you getting an interview are highly unlikely. Why should a marketing company hire you if your resume content has multiple errors? Read your resume out loud to yourself. Pass it on to friends or other people in the industry so they can provide valuable, constructive feedback. Proofreading can not only help enhance your resume, but it can also lead to potential networking connections (and we all know how far connections can get you in the professional world).

3. Speaking of grammar…use power words
Starting a sentence with “I was responsible for…” is, blatantly put, pretty boring and doesn’t really help sell your brand. You’re a digital marketer. Part of your job is being creative, curious, and innovative. Spice up your word choice, be confident, and make yourself look like the authority figure in all your past experiences (and all things digital marketing for that matter). Using power words like created, initiated, innovated, invented, and implemented help enhance your past history and make you seem like a person who is able to take charge. If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to sound unique and authoritative on all things digital.

4. Highlight your accomplishments (not just your responsibilities)
We know this seems obvious, but it is extremely important, so it needs to be emphasized. Responsibilities are great. They show that you can handle workloads and are simply put, responsible. However, accomplishments are really the things that set you apart from the rest of the pack. Rather than simply stating “Handled marketing strategies for 10 companies” spice it up and include your accomplishments in the role. “Managed marketing content for 10 medium to large companies, boosting their social media engagement by 50% within the first month.” Wow! Now you sound like you know your stuff, you’re providing hard evidence, and above all, you sound like you can be trusted, as your accomplishments are there to back you up. You also really want to think about the necessary skillsets that make a digital marketer special.

5. Think about what it means to be a digital marketer, and emphasize those qualities
What makes a digital marketer so special? What qualities does a successful digital marketer posses? There are tons of attributes that make up a successful digital marketer, but here are some of our favorites that we believe are important to highlight in your resume:

  • Adaptability: If you have digital marketing experience, you know how important it is to be adaptable (and if you’re trying to get into the industry, be prepared: adaptability is essential). The digital marketing world moves at super speed, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. SEO tactics change, social media algorithms are redesigned on a dime, clients demand huge edits with short notice, and things are added to your plate on a whim. You need to be able to embrace change and highlight your ability to do this on your resume.
  • The Desire to Learn: As a digital marketer, it is essential to highlight that you want to grow and learn within the industry. Like previously stated, the industry changes quickly, and it is important to read and subscribe to articles that might help you stay on the forefront of the marketing frontier. Make sure that your employers know that you have a drive to continue to learn and stay up to date on industry news and trends so you can be a digital marketing authority for their company. You want to go to networking events, and listen to podcasts. You know your stuff and aren’t afraid to try new things to ensure your clients are seeing positive results.
  • Positive Attitude and a Strong Personality: No one wants to work with a debby downer, and in the marketing world it is essential to keep a positive attitude and portray a relatable personality in order to provide your clients or company with solid innovative content. Part of your job is to be able to create new, fresh content, and having a strong personality and a creative voice is key to be able to connect with your audience. People want to read and feel as though they have a personal relationship with you and your work. Let your personality shine in your resume as well as when you land that interview!

We know that resumes and interviews can be stressful, but if you put in the time and energy now, the end result will be rewarding. Landing your dream job is 100% obtainable and creating a rockstar resume will help you achieve this goal. Kill them with confidence, network, and keep trying. The digital marketing world is revolutionizing business, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of our community.

Alia Miller

Alia Miller

Alia is the digital content manager at Orbit and assists with our Marketing Machine program. She loves all things digital marketing and specializes in social media, content creation, blogging, and SEO. Originally from Connecticut, she misses the ocean and her beloved Uconn Huskies, but loves the Rocky Mountains. In her free time, she enjoys all things Disney, her dogs and chips and guacamole.
Alia Miller

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