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Businesses have transformed their workspaces from walls covered in huge cork boards with just about a billion ripped magazine pages and inspirational visuals, white boards drowning in scribbled notes, overflowing organizational cabinets, to the single online inspirational organized platform that is Pinterest. In 2010, when Pinterest was created, the world seemed to organize itself neatly onto online pin boards.

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What are you looking for? Don’t you fret. It can be found on Pinterest.


Since it’s creation in 2010, Pinterest has grown to over 175 million users. Pinterest is the fastest growing website in overall member growth with a 50% growth from 2015 to 2016 and is rapidly expanding further. But Pinterest is mostly women, right? Yes. But the number of male participants is steadily growing each year. Currently, about 35% of Pinners are male.


If your business does not currently have a Pinterest Business account, it’s very possible you are missing out on a huge chunk of cheese here.


88% of the people who use Pinterest, have purchased at least one of the products that they have pinned. Furthermore, 49% of them have purchased 5 or more. While a tweet will die within a matter of minutes and a Facebook post may exist at the top of your feed for maybe an hour tops, a Pin has the potential to stay alive for months, resurfacing when it is needed. Additionally, a Pin has the opportunity to go completely viral as it is exposed to your personal network who repins it their audience, who repins it to their audience, and so on and so forth. With Pinterest, you don’t feel as though you are trying to be sold though essentially Pinterest is a wall of advertisements as every day nearly 2 million people pin products alongside 14 million articles essentially working to drive traffic back to their website to make a sale. Those sales could be yours.


What is important to understand here, is unlike Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is not built to be a SOCIAL platform per say. There are no chat boxes or consistent updates on what Mary Lou is up to. Pinterest is a search engine. Looking for a dress for an upcoming Summer wedding? Pinterest. On the lookout for a gift for your dad for Father’s day? Pinterest. Need help entertaining the kids with craft? Pinterest can help you with that.


According to Search Engine Watch, here are the top things users are searching for on Pinterest:


  • Food & Drink
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Home Decor
  • Holidays & Events
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Design
  • Kids
  • Art
  • Weddings
  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Photography
  • Film, Music & Books
  • Health & Fitness
  • Education
  • Humor
  • Products
  • Animals
  • Outdoors


Which potentially covers just about every genre out there. Am I right? Which means, for a business, whatever it is you are selling, from envelopes to paint, there are people out there searching for that exact product on Pinterest. Pinterest pages/pins have also begun to pop up at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.


Pinterest has created their own tools for businesses to accommodate business owners further; small and large businesses alike. It costs the user absolutely nothing, Pinterest takes 0% of your profits, and additionally, Pinterest provides you with FREE business analytics showing the traffic generated to your website from Pinterest.


Note: You have access to these analytics even if you don’t have a Pinterest account … just saying.


Truly considering expanding your business out to Pinterest? You can register your Pinterest account as a Business account so that your pins will automatically be uploaded with the pricing and availability of your products. They call these “Product Rich Pins” and because products are more reputable as product rich pins, these pins are brought up to the top of a search engine so customers are more likely to be exposed to them. When one of these products goes on sale, Pinterest will alert the people who have pinned that product via email, for you, for free. Is there any downside to creating a Pinterest account for your business? Well, no.


No, there is not.


Here is a great opportunity to grow your online presence and business today. The first step, is to simply open up a profile.


Looking for more assistance in this process? Orbit Design offers digital marketing services that include Pinterest management. Feel free to contact our content strategists here at Orbit Design with any questions, comments or to get started growing your business today. 



Camille Fenn

Camille Fenn

Digital Marketing Associate at Orbit Design
Camille is a digital marketing associate at Orbit and works on our Marketing Machine team. She is eager to be consistently on the cutting edge of the digital marketing world though she also shares a passion for graphic design. Originally from California, Camille is in love with ocean waves and is always craving chips and guacamole.
Camille Fenn

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