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 As the April 18th tax filing deadline quickly approaches, many of us are starting to scramble, looking for ways to get their taxes filed in a hurry, and *hopefully* in the least painful way possible. Or maybe that’s just me? Well, today we bring you good news of great joy. As a creative agency, we are all about utilizing the latest and greatest technology to make our lives and the lives of our clients easier. So we’ve done all the homework for you and have compiled a list of some of the best tax filing apps on the market. This should make it easy to get your forms filled out and to the IRS in a prompt manner, minus the blood, sweat, and tears.


The TurboTax App

For years, people have used the TurboTax software programs to file their yearly income tax documents. With the new TurboTax app, you will be able to e-file from your phone. This app gives you the option of either taking a picture of your W-2 and uploading it or entering the information in manually. Once you have uploaded your tax documents, the TurboTax app will ask a series of questions to ensure you get the maximum amount of deductions possible.

Rachel, one of our lovely Marketing Machine managers, filed her taxes solo for the first time this year using the TurboTax app. “I was so intimidated by my taxes that I made my friends sit with me as a support system,” she said. “TurboTax made it so simple even I couldn’t mess it up! I ended up owing my friends a drink because of how quick everything went.”


ItsDeductible Donation Tracker

If you are like most people, then giving back to local and national charities is something you are passionate about. Using the ItsDeductible Donation Tracker app is the best way to keep track of your charitable donations throughout the year. If you get the premium version of the previously mentioned TurboTax app, you will be able to easily import data from the ItsDeductible app into this software. This will help make filing your taxes and getting the right deductions stress-free.


The MyBlock App

If you are a fan of H&R Block, then the MyBlock app is perfect for you. The MyBlock app is billed as a personal tax companion and is designed to help users adequately prepare for tax season throughout the year. It is filled with a variety of tools that make uploading receipts and tax documents easy. With this app, you can estimate what your tax refund will be and access the old tax returns you have filed with H&R Block. It’s a go-to process you can come back to time and time again.


TaxSlayer Go

Another very popular app to use for your last minute tax filing is TaxSlayer Go. All you need to do to file with this app is enter in your personal information, fill out a short questionnaire and take a photo of your tax documents. Be aware that this app is aimed towards customers who have simple tax returns. If you own a business or have a number of different revenue streams, you may have to look for a more in-depth tax software.


Tell us, what are you going to do with your tax refund?

Hopefully, after using one of these super savvy apps you’ll have a tax refund coming your way (in 2-3 weeks…)! If you’re on the fence about exactly where to invest your well-deserved return, might we suggest using the money to advance your business ventures? Orbit Design has many services that will increase the online visibility your small business either via a stellar looking, fully-responsive website, a professionally produced video or through Marketing Machine, your one-stop content creation, digital marketing shop. Contact us today to find out more about the services we can offer.








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Robin Vega

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Robin Vega

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