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by | Sep 6, 2016 | Videography

Recently, it seems like people are trying to use videos any way they possibly can. Photos in online articles are being replaced by gifs. Highway billboards are being replaced by giant roadside screens. Even simple viral pictures are being forced into the format using YouTube personalities to explain how you should feel about them. The looping slider video may fall under that “forced video” category. It’s certainly not your typical way to apply the video medium, but it can be a powerful piece of environmental marketing if done correctly. Below, I’ll explain exactly what the Looping Slider Video is and how to use it to the best of its ability without giving it an unnecessary feel.

What is it?

The Looping Slider Video is essentially a glorified homepage slider. It could be viewed as a simple placeholder or decoration to run on an otherwise stagnant or blank screen. It will typically consist of a few rotating slides or animations with some brief copy. These slides are put in no particular order since it is impossible to predict at what point the audience will begin watching. It’s a way to show off your branding without being pushy. The desired effect on the viewer being to impress, show off solid branding and to salt their interest in a broad sense.

When should it be used?

The most effective place to use a looping slider video is in a reception area or at an expo booth of some kind. It could be that you have a TV set up to use for presentations. You will probably have plenty of downtime before, after or between presentations. This is the perfect time to use your looping slider. Instead of having a large blank screen in the room, make your business look professional and prepared. The idea is that it fits into any time frame, whether you have it on loop all day or just to break up the boredom for a few minutes while you prep. It can also be updated relatively quickly. You can add or remove a slide to keep things current without making a whole new video. These videos are meant as little distractions and are not intended to have the pizzazz of a full live action video, so there will be no need to set up a shoot. Your looping slider can be up and running with minimal time and effort.

Here is an example of a looping slider video that is being used by HaulHound as they attended the 2016 Great American Trucking Show. It was the perfect way to display information in an engaging way, that wasn’t overwhelming.

haulhound slider image      haulhound video

Spice up a dull booth or reception room. Don’t allow you audience to lose focus as you transition during a presentation. Use a looping slider video to show off your branding and salt your customers’ interest.

Conor Cleary

Conor Cleary

Multi-Media Publishing Manager at Orbit Design
Conor heads up the video and publishing departments at Orbit - overseeing books and short web films through, from the writing stages into polished content. He is always ready to talk about Orbit's video production techniques or the growing world of digital publishing.
Conor Cleary

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