Social Networking Prejudice

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Branding, Getting the Word Out

It’s simply prejudice:

“I don’t believe in social networking. It doesn’t work”.

“Only millennials and teenagers use social networking”.

“I have no time for social networking, I have a real job to do.”

You may say that surely in 2015 this type of prejudice has gone out the window with VHS tapes and flip phones. But I am here to tell you that I heard each of these statements made by new prospects just within the last week.

Admittedly like all prejudice, it seems to come from a lack of knowledge concerning what happens to be. Social networking is integrated into all forms of digital marketing. Websites, e-blasts, blogs, and social networking are all blended into a very fine marketing, elixir much of which is surprisingly free or low cost. Remember your expensive yellow page and periodical display ads and harrowing printed newsletters. I remember preferring to jump out of a window then meeting the deadline for the company newsletter each month. We used to spend a healthy chunk of change on these vehicles. And the ROI? The Analytics? Nebulous at best.

Therefore, my argument is that social networking for business really should be termed “client connection”. You can set up e-blasting, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and connect with your existing customer base and new prospects…or you can just blow it off. Will your competition be glad to connect with your customers and prospects with digital marketing? Do you mind them connecting?

Not to mention the connecting that is happening at ground level. Our Orbit art director just got a Keurig that was a lemon. He posted it on Keurig’s Facebook page and got response within one hour that solved the problem. Keurig proved before tens of thousands of customers that they are a stand-up brand worthy of loyalty. Without a Keurig Facebook page, the unhappiness of one customer would be spreading all over other internet sites mowing down potential Keurig sales. Social networking, connecting with your clients, makes your company more responsive to your customers’ concerns. In other words, social networking keeps your ear to the ground.

Do I really have to argue that the internet is the new Yellow Pages for finding all types of businesses? Well Google Plus participation raises you in the largest search engine in the world. Kind of logical when you think about who owns Google Plus. Social networking, like blogging, is searchable. The new style of e-blast drives your client base to your blogs – which makes your e-blast searchable as well. And learning about searchable keywords feeds into organic and adword campaigns.

What about Twitter? This is one of the only non-spamming communication devices on the web. Used correctly with the right business Twitter can drive leads. LinkedIn? If you get used to the protocol, this social networking site is invaluable for B2B sales. Is there a better how-to medium in the world? Do people know how to best use your product or service? Would you rather YouTube gave a demonstration of your product at 2:00 am in the morning or you?

We at Orbit used to teach social networking and digital marketing to our customers. We embarked on a train the trainer model to reach as many of our customers as we could. We soon realized that you the business person already have a full time job. You are probably not a professional writer or graphic designer. You don’t have time to figure out the latest Google algorhythm. So our Marketing Machine offers a more viable solution: with a choice of four program levels. The programs require only that you talk to us about content periodically and meet quarterly on analytics and results.  The other effective alternative that we have seen is to hire a professional content writer who is familiar with SEO and then bring in a freelance graphic artist with knowledge of HTML coding and the workings of social networks. If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, then a specialist is your best bet.

Social networking prejudice comes down to one question: would you like to make and keep a connection with your best customers and prospects or not? I have to rest my case at this point. For those of you who don’t believe an article on Social Networking prejudice is necessary in 1015 – bless you.

Andy Cleary

Andy Cleary

Founder & CMO at Orbit Design
The founder of Orbit Design, the Branding Map Process, and co-author of “Genius Simple Branding” and “Salt”, Andy Cleary has been working with independent businesses for over 30 years. He has branded businesses ranging from business products companies, to universities, to international airport designers. His focus has been on how branding drives sales.
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