Are Your Sales Sailing on a Flagship or Lost in a Rowboat

by | May 15, 2015 | Branding, Getting the Word Out

We at Orbit work on brand driven sales for our clients, meaning we believe in flagship companies. Does your brand have a powerful Flagship? There are five factors that turn a rowboat into a flagship for your sales.

  • First and Only – Do you have a product or service that is the first and only, or unique in a major way? We find many companies have a first and only but don’t know it, haven’t named it, and, by no means, marketed it. Their loyal customers swear by it, but others don’t know about it!
  • Solves the Riddle — Is there some problem that your customer base has that needs solving? You are the one to do it, because you do it better than anyone else!
  • Has Legs – A great flagship can run. In other words, it is easy to communicate, has many aspects with value, can evolve verbally and visually, has longevity in the marketplace and can develop.
  • Is an Umbrella – A great flagship is built on identifying benefits (three or less) of numerous features. All of your marketing should be aligned behind your flagship. An effective flagship is a big idea, where you can hang your hat.
  • Is Memorable – Above all else, a flagship is easily remembered. The name is hopefully short, attached to a visual, and has the content capability that your customers can easily recall.

Every successful company, without exception, has a flagship. For example; Windows for Microsoft and the iPhone (iAnything) for Apple. Name the smallest company in your community that has lasted and you will find a flagship. For instance, here in Denver, Little Man Ice Cream is housed in a giant milk can. That unique structure permeates their entire brand with unusual flavors and stories. There is always a line blocks long outside of Little Man even in winter. A flagship can be a customer facing program or membership; it can be a great symbolic mascot, a special expertise, a connection, a guarantee, a challenge, or an unforgettable slogan.
Without a company flagship to guide them, many salespeople have drowned or got lost at sea.

Andy Cleary

Andy Cleary

Founder & CMO at Orbit Design
The founder of Orbit Design, the Branding Map Process, and co-author of “Genius Simple Branding” and “Salt”, Andy Cleary has been working with independent businesses for over 30 years. He has branded businesses ranging from business products companies, to universities, to international airport designers. His focus has been on how branding drives sales.
Andy Cleary

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