There are thousands of websites hacked every day. You might think “I won’t be affected” because your website is not as high profile as Target’s or the U.S. Government’s website, but that is just not true. There are many reasons why Orbit recommends using WordPress for your website, but knowing how to keep it safe and secure can be tricky. That’s why Orbit recommends doing frequent backups.

Think about your car for a moment. You go and get an oil change every few months, don’t you? Even though your car is running smoothly, you know that there is basic maintenance that you must get done, such as an oil change. What happens if you don’t get an oil change? Your car will be fine for a while but eventually you are going to run into some major problems. And the longer you drive without changing the oil, the more likely there will be an issue.

A WordPress website is the same. A website that is updated and maintained is less likely to be hacked or “break” from conflicting code. Sure, it might have an upfront cost (Orbit does not recommend updating your WordPress website on your own unless you are familiar with code) but the alternative isn’t positive. You don’t want to look at your website on day and see that you are no longer advertising office products but prescription drugs or that your website has been taken down entirely and replaced with something else. Not only will your customers see this but it will also cost a lot more to fix once the damage has been done (plus it can take a lot of time to repair).

The biggest concern is that a website can be broken beyond repair or could be deleted completely. Unless you have a backup of your website that was stored in a separate location, it can be almost impossible to get it back to where it was, especially if you are constantly updating.

Orbit is now offering weekly database backups and monthly full website backups of your website stored at a remote location for an annual fee of $100. That way, if something were to happen, you can just give us a call and we can restore your website from the latest backup quickly. Save time, save money, and save your website with backups.

P.S. Looking for the full website security package? Check out our Website Health Program.

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