Plugins can really help give your website a unique feel while cutting down on the programming that is required to make them work. There are thousands of plugins that you can download for free on WordPress’s plugin repository and countless more that are available for a small fee. It is easy to spend hours going through plugins that you might want to use on your website so Orbit has gone through and picked out a few that we feel will help take your website to the next level.

1. Social Media Feed Displays – Social media is very prominent in this day and age. As a company, you work hard to keep new, updated content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Plugins that show the content that you added on social media automatically add that new content to your website without any extra work. It’s great to save time and keep your website up-to-date with new content.

2. Content Rotators – Content rotators add a little bit of movement to your website that helps catch the customer’s eye and show a lot of content without being too distracting or wordy. We suggest using these rotators to display customer testimonials or important facts about your company or industry.

3. Animated Sliders – Movement can help attract and keep customers looking at your website. While it can be time consuming to build one from scratch, plugins give you many different options without all of the work it takes to build one. While Orbit mostly uses sliders for the main feature on a website’s homepage, we can also use it to add image galleries in other less prominent places on your website. It’s beneficial for you to have a lot of images to share on secondary pages.

4. Contact Forms – While it is important to include your company’s contact information on a website, it is also essential to offer an easy way for them to contact you without picking up the phone or opening their email. WordPress has many different contact form plugins that easily let the user change what questions are asked and lets the customer send a note to the company without any hassle.

5. Live Chat РIf your company has someone who would be available to talk to customers consistently during business hours, it is worth adding a live chat feature. With live chat, a button is added to your website at the bottom of the page and prompts the customer to chat directly with a representative of your company. This gives customers the chance to get the answers they need without waiting for an email or talking on the phone. By giving clients another easy way to contact you, there is a greater chance that they will.

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