Why use plugins? Plugins are helpful because you are able to add great functionality on your website without having to write the code yourself or even know how the code works. WordPress plugins usually come with an easy to use interface that allows non-coders to customize them and then add to their website. There are so many plugins on the web that it becomes hard to pick what will work best for your company. Here are a few suggestions that we think could be most beneficial:

1. Staff Bios – By showing who is on your staff, it becomes easier for the client to relate to your company because now they have a face for the name. There are many different ways to show your staff but plugins make it easy to manage, add movement, and create consistency.

2. Job Posting – If your company is looking to hire why not post the jobs on your website instead of paying to post them on another website? Plugins make it easy to post new jobs and maintain previous jobs. It also gets potential employees on your website so they can easily see what your company is about.

3. Popups – We all cringe when we hear the word “popup” but they can actually be quite beneficial. (I am talking about the “in-window” popups related to the website you are visiting, not the annoying advertisements that popup in new tab or window). Don’t believe that popups can be good? WPBeginner.com did a study to increase their email database in 2014 and they utilized popups. The results were the same bounce rates as before, no complaints, and a dramatic increase in email subscribers. A 600% increase to be more specific.

4. Test Page/Post Titles – Have you ever wondered if your website has good titles and is really capturing your customers? There are WordPress plugins that will let you add two titles instead of one and then will A/B split test them to see which title is more popular. You can use that information to help create better titles that will attract your customers.

5. Create Charts –¬†An image can say 1,000 words. There are plugins that take data from your company and create beautiful, colorful charts that will convey a lot of information at a glance to a customer.

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