After months or even years of hard work, you finally have your company up and running! But before you sit back and relax, you need to get your company branded so you can take it to the next level. Every company needs the basics – a logo, business card, and a website. Without these, it is hard for your customers to distinguish your company from the countless others, and you’ll become “just another” company.

To get started, find a design agency (hmmm, maybe us?) to help you create your company look and feel. Designers, like ours here in house, will work closely with you and your brand to help you develop the right look. Sometimes it’s hard to know what style you like until you see a mockup or an example from another company. But too many different mockups from the designers takes a lot of time and can cost you a lot of money. In order to help the process, you’re going to have to do some research on your end.

Think¬†back on things you have seen that stuck out to you – billboards while driving home, competitor’s business cards, a website that you saw while surfing the internet. What did you like? What didn’t you like? A lot of clients will come to us and say they want something “sleek” “contemporary” and “classic” but those words have different meanings for everyone. Show us what you like. Send the designer a link to your favorite website and point out specific parts that really draw your eye. Do the same thing with things you don’t like so that the designer knows not to go in that direction.

When you work this closely and openly with a designer, you can decrease the amount of mockups needed and usually save some money. The end will result in a really awesome brand design that represents you and your company, so it’s worth the work!

If you need help with branded design, give us a call today. In the meantime, check out what we’ve done for other businesses by clicking here.¬†

Orbit Design

Orbit Design

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