With new software being developed every day, updates are important to protect your website from hackers and malicious code. It may seem easy to login to your WordPress Dashboard and hit the “update now” button whenever it appears, but the truth is that sometimes updates can break your website. Updated WordPress plugins and platforms have the potential to cause compatibility issues that require additional coding to fix the function. Unfortunately you can’t predict these compatibility issues and many people don’t know they happen until their website breaks. If you’re not familiar with coding, this mistake could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Avoid the headache. At Orbit Design, we are happy to announce our new Website Health Program. Every 3 months, our developers will back up and update your website. This includes:


  • Before any updates are made, your website files are backed up for precautionary reasons

Updates and Checkpoints

  • Update WordPress platform files
  • Update all WordPress plugins
  • Install and/or update security plugins to prevent brute force attacks
  • Full scan for Malware and fix if any is found
  • Ensure Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are functioning properly

Security and Testing

  • Full website check to make sure everything updated correctly and functions properly.
  • Once updates are successful, another full backup is made of your site, a backup is saved on the hosting server and also on our physical drive here at Orbit Design, so you have two copies in case of an incident.

The Website Health Program is only $35 a month (must commit to a full year). You can protect your website from crashing or breaking because of outdated software or compatibility issues.

Looking for something smaller? For only $10 a month we will backup your website periodically and save the most recent backup in case of emergencies (like a website hack).

For more information on our Website Health Program, contact Cyndi at 303.433.1616 ext.#2



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Orbit Design

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