There are many reasons to update your WordPress website:
1) updates help with your website’s security,
2) updates fix bugs in the software, and
3) updates give you more control over your website.

I’m sure that you have heard at one time or another the horror stories of a websites getting hacked. Unfortunately, websites get hacked a lot. But how does this happen? According to, 83% of WordPress websites that are hacked are not up-to-date.

When you use open source code like WordPress, everyone has access to the files. While it’s nice that you can use it for free, hackers can look at the code to find a “back door” into your website. Because of this, the WordPress team is constantly fixing potential holes in their code. However, this won’t help you unless you update your website!

The same goes for your plugins. Plugins are linked to your database, so if the code has a hole in it, a hacker will have the same access. With that access, your website could become corrupted, get replaced with a website created by a hacker, or even disappear completely.

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Why was my site hacked?

Updating your WordPress website also fixes bugs. I’m sure with any software you use whether it is your cell phone, computer, or WordPress, you have come across some glitches. With anything as complex as the code for these things, bugs are bound to happen. Of course, the companies that develop these codes do countless tests and try to make the user’s experience as seamless as they can. But it’s hard, if not impossible, to catch everything. Updates are important with any software but even more important when it’s published online for everyone to look at.

And finally, who doesn’t want the latest and greatest? Every year technology improves greatly. What was impossible 6 months ago is now a reality. Even if your WordPress website is working well, an update can give you new features that help your website to run faster, have better SEO, and more.

Interested in updating your WordPress but don’t have the time or don’t know how? Let us help! Depending on how often you blog or update the content of your website, Orbit will put together a package for you. We make sure that you not only get the latest updates but that your website still functions properly. Orbit also creates a full backup of your website so if your you do get compromised, we can get your website back up and running in no time.

If you have any questions about your WordPress website, ask me in the comments below.

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