Genius Simple Branding

GS-Branding-Book-295x300In April of 2012, Orbit Design published the book, “Genius Simple Branding – Rethink, Reinvent and Renew Your Business“, for the first public edition. “Genius Simple Branding” had previously been a client-only book to serve as support material before clients go through the Branding Map Process.

“Genius Simple Branding” helps readers identify their brand assets such as apathy killer, street cred, anchor benefit, branding icon, branding promise and more. Each branding asset is a piece of the Branding Map. When branding assets are combined to create a cohesive brand, a Branding Map helps clearly define the identity and purpose of a company and it’s brand. A Branding Map keeps everyone in your company on the same page and going in the same direction.

Rethink, reinvent and renew your business is the mantra of this book … now there is a systematic way to develop your brand and drive sales: Genius Simple Branding.

Brand well and prosper.

Orbit Design

Orbit Design

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Orbit is a full-service marketing and design firm based out of Denver, CO. For over 30 years have have helped small businesses grow using the simply Genius Simple Branding formula:
Branding + Outreach = Sales
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